#LivingTheSteam Photo Contest!

Attention SNBD fans, we’ve been operating for over a year now and have yet to run a big promotion, so, I figured with the 2012 Food Truck/Cart Fest around the corner now was a good time to have one!

The contest is called #LivingTheSteam and is very simple. All I want you to do is take a picture of yourself #LivingTheSteam and send it to us or post it on facebook, twitter, or instagram!

SNBD staff will choose our favorite 3 photos, we will then turn it back to you to vote for your favorite #LivingTheSteam photo.


Rules and Regulations:

1.) What is a #LivingTheSteam Photo?

Please look at some of these examples of myself and others #LivingTheSteam

Steve and Andrea #LivingTheSteam at their wedding!

Me #LivingTheSteam at the Goodale Park Music Series

Cameron and Emily #LivingTheSteam at Groovey Spoon

Basically, a #LivingTheSteam photo is just a picture of you loving a steamed deli sandwich on bagel! Include your friends, family, pets, bosses, who ever, just make sure who ever you include in your photo knows how to #LiveTheSteam! Also if you’ve been #LivingTheSteam for awhile now, and have pictures to prove it, those count too so post them!

2.) How will SNBD staff pick the top 3?

Good question, we will choose the pictures that stand out the most to us. We will base our decision on creativity, uniqueness, originality, artistic quality, funny, craziness, and overall shock value (keep it clean ya’ll, PG-13 rating), we want to be wowed!

3.) OK I’ve taken my #LivingTheSteam photo, how do I submit it?

There are a ton of ways to get your picture to us:

Twitter: Tweet @ShortNorthBagel your photo, make sure to include #LivingTheSteam in your tweet!

Facebook: Post your photo on Short North Bagel Deli’s facebook page.

Email: Send your photo to shortnorthbageldeli@gmail.com

Text: Text your photo to 614.309.4072

If you text or email make sure to leave your name and some contact information so we can notify you when you’re one of the top 3 chosen!

4.) OK I sent you my photo, how do I know it was entered into the contest?

After submitting your photo, you will receive a confirmation message from SNBD letting you know we received your photo and it has been entered into the contest (please allow 24-48 hours for confirmation message to be sent).

5.) How long will the Contest run?

That is still up in the air, right now the plan is to run this promotion for 1 month, however the exact length of the contest will be dictated by demand, we will give you a two weeks notice before ending the contest but the sooner you get your photo’s in the better!

6.) Can I submit more then one #LivingTheSteam photo?

Of course, submit as many as you’d like!

7.) What does a year of free sandwiches really mean?

It means that you will get 1 free sandwich per each operating week. This means that every week SNBD is operating you can come by and get a free sandy. Weeks run Sunday through Monday and sandwiches can not be carried over week to week, meaning if you don’t get a sandwich one week, you won’t be able to get two free the next. We can talk about this more once you win, for now just focus on your photo!

8.) How will the winner be chosen?

After SNBD Staff narrows down the top 3 we will announce the winners via our website and social media outlets. We will provide a link to page where you can vote for your favorite photo and the one with the most votes will win! Voting will most likely be open for 1 week but again I’ll give more details about this once we narrow down our top 3.

Please note once you submit your photo to SNBD we reserve the right to publish it on our website, facebook, twitter, instagram, and other online mediums. Please do not submit any photos of explicit nature and lets keep the lawyers out of this!

This being the first contest we’ve ran I’m sure I’ve forgot a ton of stuff, we’ll iron out the details later, for now, just come to the cart, take your pictures, and start #LivingTheSteam!

Thanks again, please let me know if you have any questions!

Jeremy Fox

CBO – Short North Bagel Deli








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