SNBD is Hiring!!!!

That’s rights folks, it’s time for Short North Bagel Deli to expand which means we’ll need some additional help, apparently you can only use family and friends for so long…

We are looking for some rock stars to help take SNBD to the next level, attached is an employment application (fancy!), if you or anyone you know might in interested please take a look.

We offer flexible hours, competitive pay, exciting and ever changing work environment, and possible percentage sharing depending on how big of a rock star you are!

Please email your applications to or drop them off at the cart sometime.

Lastly the form can’t really say no Portuguese but…… no Portuguese….. (this is clearly a joke, but if you can be the first to name the TV show I stole this from you get a free sandy! )

Thanks again and keep #LivingTheSteam

Jeremy Fox






SNBD Employment Application

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