Another Day, Another Bagel….. Year Two in Review

Greetings Bagel Nation,

It’s been a long time since I lasted posted, the original idea was to write blog posts every month or so, but hey, I got pretty busy bageling, my bad.

With year two of SNBD’s cart season coming to an end, I thought now would be a good time to touch base and let you all know how year two fared and to share some personal reflection.

Let’s start with some highlights.


ComfestPic1Now for all of you that know me I don’t really need to say anything else, I’ve been going to Comfest since grade school and even have a pact with my friends to never miss the greatest event in Columbus. This year I held true to the pact, in a slightly different fashion then previous years but held true nonetheless. This year SNBD was lucky enough to secure the ever so coveted location in front of the main stage (Bozo Stage for Comfesters). It was a Comfest for the ages! Despite a torrential downpour Saturday night we were still able to put up record numbers all while jamming out to great local music and doing some hardcore people watching. Word is we’ve locked up the same location and look forward to being back next June.


SNBD in the Shoe!!

If being a vendor at Comfest was on the top of my bucket list, being a vendor inside the Horse Shoe for Ohio State Football games was a close second. This feat came to reality one day when I was serving lunch outside a hospital on Ohio State’s campus when a lovely lady drove up and asked if I’d be interested in having my cart inside the Shoe. Now being an avid poker player I know never to tip my hand, however in this instance I completely folded and I’m pretty sure I signed the contract before she finished her sentence. The venture inside the Horse Shoe has given new meaning to Game Days (definitely a more sober meaning) and every time I sneak away from bageling to catch a play I truly feel how lucky I am.


Nationwide… Well not yet but City wide for sure!

As many of you know SNBD opened an indoor location as a guest restaurant last October inside the cafeteria of a Nationwide Insurance building in Dublin. Since the opening of our first indoor location we’ve been given the opportunity to open quite a few more. Currently we are serving lunches inside Nationwide Insurance Tuttle and Rings Road in Dublin, and inside 280 N. High St. downtown. We also are serving breakfast 5 days a week at Plaza One downtown as well as doing a breakfast on Tuesdays and Fridays at 280 N High St. With our partnership growing stronger by the day we look forward to continuing our growth within Nationwide and are excited to see what the future holds.

With that being said I did want to take this time to give credit where credit is due. My beautiful and intelligent girlfriend whom most of you know as the “Grand Victoria” (lox, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, and onion) is actually the mastermind behind the Nationwide endeavor. You see she works for Nationwide Insurance and she’s the one who told me about the Guest Restaurant program, she was telling me about how Sky Line Chili used to come to her cafeteria for lunches and I should look into trying to get in there as well. In full disclosure if she didn’t mention Sky Line I probably would not have been listening, but 1 year later we have 6 operations inside 4 Nationwide buildings and I owe it all to her :)

If I learned anything from my internet marketing days it’s that most of you have stopped reading already, so the ones that are still here I thank you. And for that I will wrap it up soon.

jeremy interview

Now it’s impossible to talk about all the great events we did (not if you post monthly updates dude) but I did want to mention a few more.

We did two weddings this past year, one was for a couple who I consider to be 2 of our original 5 customers, they were there the very first time we operated and have been loyal supporters ever since! The other couple are close friends and I swear the bride has ordered the “Erin Marie” 500+ times. That’s 500 more times than the sandwiches namesake, my sister!

We hit all our favorite events from year 1 including Park St Festival, Pride, Gathering on the Garst in Greenville Ohio, Green on the Green in Worthington, and the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival.

We also added some new events like the Earth Day Festival in the Columbus Commons and an Easter Egg Hunt.

We listened to great music at events such as WaterFire, Goodale Park Music Series, and the Columbus Commons Live concert series.

We did farmers markets in Dublin and of course our favorite New Albany Farmers Market.

We visited all our favorite lunch spots like Thirty One Gifts, Ares Sportsware, Verizon Corporate office in Hilliard, and even added weekly lunches outside Wexner Medical Center Hospital on Ohio States Campus.

Now year two wasn’t all bagel dough and sesame seeds, we did have our issues. We had both a generator and a steamer stolen from us,  had a generator blow up, and we even said goodbye to our beloved 98 Jeep Wrangler. Now she didn’t croak, it was simply time to pass her on to the next generation, you will be missed!

What does year 3 have in store for us? Well I’ll leave that up to the bagel gods. What I do know is that as Chief Bagel Operator of Short North Bagel Deli, I will never stop working, never stop learning, and never stop Living The Steam.

For all that you have done and continue to do, I thank you from the bottom of my more than likely bagel clogged-artery heart!

Jeremy Fox, CBO – Short North Bagel Deli

PS: I lied. I do know what year 3 holds for us, and it rhymes with FOOD TRUCK!!!!! Oops I mean it rhymes with Dude Luck! OK it’s a Food Truck, we bought a food truck! Hush Hush


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