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Did you know most of the world has never experienced the joy that is a steamed bagel sandwich? I did not realize this until I started Googling this particularly crave-worthy culinary technique and realized they’re primarily sold near a couple of Midwestern college campuses – including Ohio University and Miami of Ohio.

Ohio State alums may remember Beekman’s Bagel Deli, a comfy hole in the wall on High Street serving these guys – basically your choice of meats, veggies, cheeses and cream cheeses piled on a sliced bagel and steamed until everything’s hot and melty and delicious. Columbus has been without steamed bagel sandwiches since Beekman’s closed years ago.

If you’ve had one, then you understand my excitement about the existence of a new food truck specializing in steamed bagel sandwiches.

Jeremy Fox, a young entrepreneur who got addicted to these things while studying at Butler University, is now steaming sandwiches on the streets of Columbus. Like all good sandwich shops, Short North Bagel Deli has plenty of creations with fun names, many of them Columbus-themed – Comfest Goddess, the Classic Arnold, Gallery Hop Me. All the sandwiches come on bagels from local standby Block’s.

The Good Ole Goodale has been the best-seller so far, Fox says, and it’s definitely tasty. It’s got thin-sliced turkey plus a thick slather of cream cheese, a slice of Colby, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce and sprouts. Some honey mustard adds some sweetness, and it can be ordered on a sesame bagel for a bit of crunch.

On its heels in the popularity contest: the Camelot, a turkey, bacon, avocado, brie and mayo concoction served only outside Camelot Cellars (the truck is parked there Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights).

The veggie varieties, such as the Erin Marie (named after Fox’s vegetarian sister and made with cream cheese, smoked cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and mustard), are good too – without the meat, everything gets extra gooey inside.

Tip: Like all good street food, these sandwiches are best eaten immediately. Steamed bagels go from chewy to tough pretty quickly.

To find out where the Short North Bagel Deli is parked, follow them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@ShortNorthBagel). Fox plans to set up Downtown at lunch on the weekdays, and his evening locations include Camelot Cellars, the New Albany Farmers Market and Groovy Spoon in Clintonville.

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Streat Eats Columbus

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Short North Bagel Deli
Cuisine: Sandwiches

Owned and operated by Jeremy Fox, Short North Bagel Deli is the latest cart to hit the streets of Columbus. Short North Bagel Deli specializes in steamed bagel sandwiches which Jeremy first tried and fell in love with when he visited his sister at Miami University. Bagel and Deli has a cult following in Oxford and has spawned steamed bagel delis in several other cities. A steamed bagel sandwich is different from having a toasted bagel sandwich because the whole sandwich is steamed warming the bagel and fillings and melting the cheese.

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The cart uses Blocks Bagels (plain, wholewheat, sesame and everything) and offers a surprisingly wide variety of sandwich options. The most popular so far is the Good Ole Goodale with thin-sliced turkey, Colby, cream cheese,  avocado, tomato, lettuce, sprouts and honey mustard. We tried the special the Camelot, with turkey, bacon, avocado, brie and mayo on an everything bagel. You can also make up your own sandwich.

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When you get your bagel it will be almost to hot to hold, but eat it quickly as it will start to get tough as it cools down. Make sure you grab some napkins too – the sandwiches can get pretty messy with all those steamed melt-y fillings.

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Although the cart is called ‘Short North Bagel Deli, you will find Jeremy in locations all over town. He is currently downtown during lunchtimes, at Camelot Cellars (Short North) some evenings and at Groovy Spoon (Clintonville) or Farmer’s Markets on other evenings. Keep up with his locations on his website or on facebook or twitter.

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Columbus Crave

Sneak Peek: Short North Bagel Deli:
OK, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this new cart, and here’s why: Short North Bagel Deli is doing steamed bagel sandwiches! OSU alums may remember Beekman’s Bagel Deli, where your choice of veggies, meats, cream cheeses and regular cheeses were sandwiched in a bagel and then steamed until everything was hot and melty and delicious. Bagel & Deli on the Miami University campus specializes in steamed bagel sandwiches, too. 25-year-old entrepreneur Jeremy Fox unveiled his new mobile bagel cart on Friday outside Groovy Spoon in Clintonville. I stopped by to check the new place out. I was happy to discover a menu filled with fantastic-sounding sandwiches boasting fun, Columbus-inspired names, like the Comfest Goddess. For my first order, I went with the Good Ole Goodale, with turkey, cream cheese, colby cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato sprouts and honey mustard. It was delicious, even despite the lack of avocado (they didn’t have all the ingredients on hand for the first trial run). Some other sandwiches I can’t wait to try: The Erin Marie: Cream cheese, smoked cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and mustard. Golden Bear: Veggie cream cheese, Swiss, avocado, lettuce, sprouts and honey mustard. Red, White and BOOOOM: Roast beef, cream cheese, pepper jack, banana peppers and onions. Here’s a link to the rest of the menu. Short North Bagel Deli doesn’t have a set schedule or location yet, so it’s best to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find them. Tonight, the cart will be back out in front of the Groovy Spoon, 3665 N. High St. in Clintonville, from about 4-8 p.m.


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